Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update Update

So you may be wondering where I have been and what's new with me?  I have been busy and I have exciting news!  I am in the process of learning how to make dread falls and wigs. :)  I am also in the process of opening my very first shop, on!  I will be selling knitted hats and scarfs, as well as my hair pieces.  I am very excited about this.

On a lighter note, I have stop hanging out with toxic people. You know, people who use you, pressure you to do bad things, and are just bad people. I'm 28, not 21!  I'm trying to get my life going and since I've had a late start in things, I DON"T need bad "kids" in it to screw me up!!  I will be posting more often now and my blog on here is about to get a little more exciting now that I know what I want to be doing with my life and this is just the beginning!  Love and lollipops,