Friday, December 24, 2010

Caring for your doll collection

Several things can damage dolls and their clothes and care should be taken to guard against these.  Dirt will destroy fabrics and eat into some materials, making it impossible to remove.  Dampness or moisture will loosen glue and joints, dissolve paper machie and composition, rust metal parts, and cause mold and rot.  Heat will melt wax and create expansion cracks in compaosition and paint.  Sunlight fades color in silk, wool, cotton, and other fabrics and also creates rotting in silk.  Moths attack wool and create holes and sometimes can destroy and entire outfit! Care has also to be taken to ward off mice, woodworm, and household pests.
Where you keep your dolls is important!!!  Make sure that as much dirt as possible is elimintated, the dolls are kept behind glass, or at least in a dust-free environmet.  Dont smoke around your dolls!!!  Keep your dolls away from sunlight and in an even temperature that is damp free.