Friday, December 17, 2010

What's my style???

I have been asked a dozen times if not more, "What's your style?" Well, the answer simply put is, that I take tidbits from many styles and fuse them together to create one. Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Decora (my favorite), Cyber Goth, Gothic, and which ever trends catch my eye at the moment.  I don't follow trends to a T however!!!  Most young women my age wear boring tee shirts, jeans or sweat pants, flip flops, white sunglasses, and black finger nails. BORING!!!  Another trend that many young women seem to be following is tanning. GROSS!!!  I don't tan.

I don't like conventional styles as much as following my own style! Sure I look through all the major fashion magazines, but I also look to "GOTHIC BEAUTY" magazine and the internet's many many many sites about unconventional fashion and alternative fashion and lifestyles.  So the lesson I have learned is be true to you.  If you like something, let that be part of your style! 

Until my next post,

                               LOVE AND LOLLIPOPS!!