Thursday, December 16, 2010

An Assertive Philosophy!

I recognize that everyone has well-practiced communication habits, and long-standing attitudes that support and defend these habits.
I accept the communication habits of others as fact.
I will offer assertive communication and a "win-win" attitude even when others are offering nonassertive or aggressive styles.
I understand that people change only when they choose to change.
I know others are different from me and that all kinds of people are okay.
I accept responsibility for my feelings, thoughts, opionions, and behaviors. I realize I cannot be responsible for the feelings, thoughts, opionions, and behaviors of others.
I accept that in every relationship, each person has 50% of the responsibility for the success or failure of the relationship.
I know that being nonassertive or aggresive is part of bing human.
I know that every assertive choice precludes a nonassertive or aggresive choice and improves the chances for success in life, at home, or work.